Did you know there are different learning styles for individuals? 

Pepin Academies teachers use multimodal methods to teach our students. That means they use different ways of teaching content to target the many different learning styles of their students. Most of our teachers use a hybrid model of the different approaches to teaching. Students are also taught to understand their preferred learning styles.

So, what are learning styles?

Learning styles is a much-debated theory in education. Some educational researchers say there is no such thing as a preferred learning style. However, there is little debate that teaching in a multimodal style will capture the way most students learn. Neil Fleming, a classroom teacher, introduced the VARK model of learning styles in the 1980s. VARK is an acronym for the various learning styles and stands for Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic.

Visual learners learn best when they are engaged with their eyes. Visual representations of a concept, such as through videos, photos, drawings, diagrams, charts, graphs, and maps, are most beneficial for these learners.

Auditory learners learn best when they are engaged with their ears, and this could be through listening or talking. They do best when allowed to hear, say, and discuss content. In the classroom, this might look like a teacher-centered lecture or group discussion.

Read/Write Learning suggests learners who learn best through the written word. Whether they are reading or writing the content themselves, these learners rely more heavily on the words and not the images on the page.

Kinesthetic learners learn best when engaged in hands-on activities such as craft projects, experiments, coaching, and demonstrations. For some of these learners, the more active the activity and the more their whole body is engaged, the better they learn.

Interested in what your learning style might be? Several free online quizzes can give you a general idea of your learning style:

Learn more about it: https://cft.vanderbilt.edu/guides-sub-pages/learning-styles-preferences/