Transition Program

Vocational based training for students aged 18-22


Our Transition Program offers extended support for students who may benefit from additional time and practical experience post-high school.

This program delivers vocational training for young adults, aged 18-22, who have deferred receipt of their high school diploma. Through hands-on learning experiences, students are equipped with essential life and job skills, helping them explore diverse career paths.

Classroom Instruction

Students will spend 1-2 days a week in the classroom receiving instruction from a certified teacher. Lessons will focus on; career preparation, social-emotional learning, self-determination and self-advocacy as well as independent living skills.

Vocational Training

Students will spend 3-4 days a week participating in non-paid vocational training at one of our community partner jobsites with the guidance and supervision of a Job Coach. Sites are located throughout the Tampa Bay area. Transportation is not provided.

students with dogs
students with dogs

Program Expectations

Professionalism: Students are expected to be punctual and exhibit professionalism and courtesy at all times.

Responsibility: Students will take ownership of their tasks and responsibilities with minimal support.

Adaptability: Students must adapt to different work settings, tasks, and expectations. Flexibility and a willingness to learn are crucial.

Problem-Solving Skills: Students should actively seek solutions, ask questions, and collaborate with others to overcome challenges.

Safety Awareness: Students must prioritize safety. Adherence to workplace rules and safety protocols is vital.

Independence: Students will operate with increased independence and reduced supervision. Taking initiative, seeking guidance when needed, and making informed decisions are part of this growth.

If you have inquiries regarding diploma deferment, services aligned with your students’ IEP, or general questions about the Pepin Academies Transition Program, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re excited to collaborate with you and support a successful transition for your students as they move from school to the workforce!



Janele Kilbey, M.S. CABH



New Port Richey

Carolyn Kinney

Assistant Principal



Who is eligible to attend the transition program?

Students who have met the requirements for graduation and elected to defer receipt of their diploma may attend the transition program up to age 22.

Do students get paid?

No, this is an unpaid internship for the students.

Do you provide transportation?

No. Students are picked up and dropped off directly at the jobsite. There are some occasions where students may travel via school van.

Where is the classroom?

Classrooms for the following locations:

  • Hillsborough: 700 E. Twiggs Street, Tampa.
  • New Port Richey: On campus at  7710 Osteen Road, New Port Richey.
How long are students on their jobsite?

Students remain at their jobsite for the school year.

Can I request specific sites?

Yes, students and parents can request sites. However, these are not guaranteed, as there is a lot of coordination involved with student placement.

Community & Job Site Partnerships

Partners and Sponsors

New Port Richey Campus

Riverview Campus

Tampa Campus

Wesley Chapel Campus