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At Pepin Academies, we are honored to be a part of the growth and achievements of our exceptional learners. We take immense pride in the impact our school has on the lives of our students, and we invite you to hear directly from parents and students who have experienced our therapeutic environment.

Join us in celebrating the impact of  Pepin Academies and sharing your extraordinary journey with others. Together, we empower exceptional learners to reach new heights and embrace their full potential.

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We value the voices of our Pepin Academies community and invite parents, students, and alumni to share their experiences with us. To submit your testimonial, simply fill out the form below Tell us about your journey, the progress you’ve made, and how Pepin Academies has made a difference in your life. Your story has the power to inspire and encourage others on their own paths to success.

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Zion enrolled in Pepin Academies during her 3rd-grade year, severely traumatized by her previous educational experiences, which complicated her medical conditions. By the 9th grade, Zion told me she no longer wanted to take medicine for ADHD because of the side effects. Zion wanted to prove to herself that she would graduate with her cohort. Her Neurologist agreed. It was a long hard road. Overall, Zion has accomplished her goal of graduating with her high school diploma, and this is also because of the curriculum, special needs support, and mental health services provided at Pepin.

Zion's Parent

We’re so very fortunate to have an outstanding resource like Pepin Academies in our community. We are grateful that our son had access to a program that fit his needs, from Elementary school, all the way through High School. Over ten years, Pepin Academies has kept the most committed faculty and staff, who are always patient and understanding. We’ve had great support from a group who have worked tirelessly for William’s benefit. We are grateful for Pepin Academies and will miss seeing you all each day!

William's Parent

Words could not express our gratitude to the entire staff. We were blessed to have such a wonderful group of humans helping Joseph go through each stage of his life. The compassion, love, concern and understanding of the entire staff that was displayed year after year was very comforting. Great Job to each one of you who have been part of his life and part of our family.

Joseph's Parent

I will never forget the day I met Dr. Butz, Mikayla had struggled all through elementary school. No one understood her and no one was willing to listen. At the interview he made me, and Mikayla feel heard for the first time he made us feel like we weren’t alone anymore and her disability. Pepin Academies has been a lifesaver for my family. Mikayla would’ve never made it to this day without all the amazing staff, specialists, and teachers that the school has. I will forever be grateful for everything that you have done to help make accommodations for my children that attend Pepin.

Mikayla's Parent

Pepin Academies really was the answer to our prayers. The school made possible what was “impossible” for my son Christian to achieve, a regular diploma, good grades, happiness going to school, friends, and a career for his future. I will continue praying for all of you!!! Because the community needs Pepin Academies.
God Bless You all!! Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!!

"Christian's Parent"

In my nine years in Pepin, I had fun making friends, playing sports, and always learning something new.

Student on Connection

Thank you is an understatement! I will always be grateful for the administrators, teachers, and staff of Pepin Academies. My son, Michael will be a successful citizen thanks to the Falcon Family!

Michael's Parent

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible work that you do every day. I am constantly impressed by the way you go above and beyond to support each and every student just like me.

Student of Gratitude

We are so pleased with all the staff at Pepin. Before Pepin, Brian had never received an ‘A’ on his report card. He has learned more & wanted to try harder in the 6yrs at Pepin than he had his first 7yrs of school. We can’t thank everyone enough for the blood, sweat, and tears that you all put into the school and students, every day. We will miss everyone as he moves on to the next chapter in his life. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Brian's Parent

The people I met didn’t treat me differently, they treated me as an equal and I’m happy to graduate from here.

Student on Regard


New Port Richey Campus

Pepin Academies' New Port Richey campus serves over 300 students in grades 3-12.  Find information on family resources, a transition program, our athletics & arts programs, as well as various clubs for students with learning disabilities in New Port Richey by clicking the button below.

Riverview Campus

Pepin Academies' Riverview campus currently serves over 400 students in grades 3-12. Discover information on valuable family resources, a transition program, an athletics program, an arts program, and various clubs on our Riverview campus by clicking the button below.

Tampa Campus

Pepin Academies' Tampa campus, our first campus, currently serves 350 students in grades 3-12. Explore comprehensive family resources, a transition program, an athletics program, an arts program, and various clubs and extra-curricular for students with learning disabilities in Tampa.

Application Process

Pepin Academies admits students of any race, color, creed, or national origin. Students must have learning or learning-related disabilities; students with pervasive processing and language difficulties and with achievement scores significantly below the expected grade level are encouraged to apply.