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Tuition-free, Public Charter Schools for Students with Learning Disabilities in Tampa Bay

How to Support Pepin Academies

Pepin Academies Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization created in 2008 to support all of the Pepin Academies campuses. The Pepin Academies are public, tuition-free charter schools located in Tampa, Riverview, and New Port Richey serving students with learning disabilities from third through twelfth grade. In addition, Pepin Academies operates a job transition program for students aged 18-22 to teach life and work skills by partnering with companies and civic organizations throughout the Tampa Bay region.

How does your support impact Pepin Academies?

Every contribution counts, whether it’s your time, resources, or expertise. Your support can make a world of difference in the lives of students with learning disabilities. Your support helps support our mission of empowering students with learning disabilities to maximize their potential in a positive therapeutic environment while helping us continue to grow to serve even more students in the future!

Lending your time:

Supporting our mission doesn’t always require a financial commitment. You can make a meaningful impact by giving your time. Consider volunteering to speak at our annual Great American Teach In, assisting with fundraising events such as Gasparilla, or simply spreading the word about Pepin Academies within the community. Your dedication and involvement can help us create a brighter future for our students.

Community Support:

Community support is integral to our mission, and we firmly believe that it takes a village to create a thriving educational environment. We actively seek ways to engage with our community and encourage corporate sponsorships that contribute to the well-being of our students and staff. Whether it’s providing bottled water for a campus health fair or sponsoring a meal for our staff during the pre-planning week, every donation and sponsorship is deeply valued and plays a vital role in fostering a positive and supportive school atmosphere.

Pepin Partners:

Our Transition program eagerly welcomes discussions with businesses interested in becoming a Pepin Partner and hosting our Transition students as job trainees. This program offers invaluable on-the-job experience for our students, and there is no cost to your business. Join the ranks of our esteemed Pepin Partners, including organizations like the Pet Resource Center, The Florida Aquarium, Embassy Suites, and many more. By opening your doors to our Transition students, you not only help them gain essential skills but also become an integral part of their journey toward a brighter future.

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Special Education Schools for Students with Learning Disabilities- Pepin Academies

Financial Support:

Your financial support is a powerful means of transforming the lives of our students. Supporting a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization like ours not only contributes to a meaningful cause but can also provide significant tax benefits. As a recognized tax-exempt entity, your donations to our or may be tax-deductible. By making a donation, you have the opportunity to direct your funds toward areas that matter most to you. Whether you wish to contribute to scholarship programs, enhance classroom resources, support extracurricular activities, or bolster essential services, your generosity can have a profound impact. Your choice empowers you to tailor your support to the aspects of our mission that resonate with you, ensuring that your contribution makes a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of the students we serve.

Classroom Support:

These funds are channeled directly into meeting specific classroom needs, such as providing extra supplies for students facing challenges, equipping teachers with materials to enrich their innovative initiatives, and offering general classroom resources that play a crucial role in supporting our therapeutic program. Your contribution ensures our classrooms are vibrant hubs of learning, growth, and empowerment, enabling each student to reach their full potential.

Student Support:

Your contribution directly assists students who may require help with covering expenses for field trips, class fees, uniforms, and other necessities. By offering your support, you help ensure that every student has access to valuable educational experiences and resources, regardless of their circumstances.


Supporting our athletics program is about investing in the physical and personal growth of our students. Your contribution to our athletics funds enables us to provide the resources and opportunities needed for our young athletes to excel. These funds help cover the costs of equipment, uniforms, and coaching, ensuring our student-athletes can compete, learn, and develop their skills to the fullest. Your support not only strengthens our sports teams but also promotes teamwork, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle.

Transition Program:

Donating to our Transition Program is a direct investment in the future success of our students as they prepare to step into the world beyond the classroom. These funds help provide our students with the tools, training, and support they need to navigate the path to independence.

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New Port Richey Campus

Pepin Academies' New Port Richey campus serves over 300 students in grades 3-12.  Find information on family resources, a transition program, our athletics & arts programs, as well as various clubs for students with learning disabilities in New Port Richey by clicking the button below.

Riverview Campus

Pepin Academies' Riverview campus currently serves over 400 students in grades 3-12. Discover information on valuable family resources, a transition program, an athletics program, an arts program, and various clubs on our Riverview campus by clicking the button below.

Tampa Campus

Pepin Academies' Tampa campus, our first campus, currently serves 350 students in grades 3-12. Explore comprehensive family resources, a transition program, an athletics program, an arts program, and various clubs and extra-curricular for students with learning disabilities in Tampa.

Application Process

Pepin Academies admits students of any race, color, creed, or national origin. Students must have learning or learning-related disabilities; students with pervasive processing and language difficulties and with achievement scores significantly below the expected grade level are encouraged to apply.