Phone: 727.264.6497

Phone: 727.264.6497

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Pepin Academies New Port Richey

Tuition-Free, Public Charter School for Pasco County Students with Learning Disabilities

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Inclusive, Personalized Exceptional Student Education
to Help Every Student Thrive

At our special education school campus in New Port Richey, Pepin Academies is committed to providing exceptional student education for students with learning disabilities. Our campus is a place where students can embrace their individuality, overcome challenges, and unlock their full potential in a nurturing and inclusive environment in small class sizes with student-teacher ratios of approximately 9:1.

Serving over 300 ESE students in grades 3-12 this campus offers comprehensive family resources, a transition program, a growing athletics program, an arts program, and various clubs. Experience our inclusive educational model and support for students with learning disabilities in New Port Richey.

Our highly trained and compassionate staff members work closely with students to identify and address their unique learning needs. Through individualized education plans, specialized instruction, and ongoing support, we ensure that every student receives the attention and resources they require to thrive academically and personally. Pepin Academies New Port Richey Campus; where every student is valued, inspired, and empowered to thrive!

Why Choose Pepin Academies?

  • Personalized education plans tailored to each student’s needs
  • Experienced and dedicated special education staff
  • Inclusive and supportive learning environment
  • Comprehensive programs for various special education needs

What do I need to apply?

  • Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or Service Plan
  • Educational Testing (private or district reports)
  • Educational Records
  • Transcripts
Our Campus

New Port Richey Campus Virtual Tour

Watch this virtual tour of Pepin Academies New Port Richey campus, a tuition-free public charter, ESE school. Discover the 14-acre campus with technology-equipped classrooms, a therapy center, speech pathology centers, labs, a new gymnasium, a cafeteria, and beautiful classrooms. See our amazing green spaces like our soccer field and a 5-acre envirnmental learning trail.


What are the Before Care/After Care hours?
  • Before Care is offered from 7:00-7:30AM for $2.00/day.
  • After Care is offered until 5:30PM for $11/day.
  • Both programs require registration and auto-draft authorization for payments.
What are the front office hours?

Our office is open from 7:30AM-3:30M

How can I view my child’s grades?

Student grades can be viewed using Canvas here:


What sports are offered?

A list of sports offered can be found here:  New Port Richey Athletics


What is the make-up work policy?

A student who is absent is permitted to make up work missed. Parent or student must make arrangements to pick up work. The student is allowed the total number of days they were absent to make up work that was missed during an absence. If the student misses a participation activity, they will be provided with an opportunity to complete an alternate assignment. If the alternate assignment is not submitted, the student will not receive participation credit for the days they missed class.

Is the campus fully gated and secure?

Yes, our campus is gated and secure.

Where can I find the school’s grievance policy?

Pepin Academies grievance policy can be found here:

How can I submit a concern related to parental rights in education (HB 1557)?

Concerns relating to parental rights in education can be submitted here:

What Parents and Students Say About Our Special Education School


The people I met didn’t treat me differently, they treated me as an equal and I’m happy to graduate from here.

Student on Regard

In my nine years in Pepin, I had fun making friends, playing sports, and always learning something new.

Student on Connection

Words could not express our gratitude to the entire staff. We were blessed to have such a wonderful group of humans helping Joseph go through each stage of his life. The compassion, love, concern and understanding of the entire staff that was displayed year after year was very comforting. Great Job to each one of you who have been part of his life and part of our family.

Joseph's Parent

Zion enrolled in Pepin Academies during her 3rd-grade year, severely traumatized by her previous educational experiences, which complicated her medical conditions. By the 9th grade, Zion told me she no longer wanted to take medicine for ADHD because of the side effects. Zion wanted to prove to herself that she would graduate with her cohort. Her Neurologist agreed. It was a long hard road. Overall, Zion has accomplished her goal of graduating with her high school diploma, and this is also because of the curriculum, special needs support, and mental health services provided at Pepin.

Zion's Parent

Thank you is an understatement! I will always be grateful for the administrators, teachers, and staff of Pepin Academies. My son, Michael will be a successful citizen thanks to the Falcon Family!

Michael's Parent

We are so pleased with all the staff at Pepin. Before Pepin, Brian had never received an ‘A’ on his report card. He has learned more & wanted to try harder in the 6yrs at Pepin than he had his first 7yrs of school. We can’t thank everyone enough for the blood, sweat, and tears that you all put into the school and students, every day. We will miss everyone as he moves on to the next chapter in his life. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Brian's Parent
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