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In 2021, after a 10-month strategic planning review by an independent consulting firm, our boards approved the move to a more unified, cohesive operation. In order to achieve this the Pepin Academies Collaborative Group was formed.

The goal of the Collaborative Group is to utilize a bottoms-up approach in assisting each campus, current and future, in their operation and growth needs to ensure consistency across campuses, while allowing for the creativity and innovation that advances the best service possible for our students. The Collaborative Group strives for a reciprocal relationship with the schools to ensure the Pepin Academies model is implemented with fidelity and is continually advanced and evolved to best serve our population.

Governance Structure Benefits

Together, our governance structure and collaborative decision-making processes ensure that our school remains responsive, accountable, and focused on meeting the evolving needs of our students with learning disabilities. By working together, we can create an educational community where every student thrives, and every voice is valued.

Dr. Jeff Skowronek

Executive Director

Celeste Kellar

Director of Grant Administration

Jason Aponte

Director, Human Resources

Marty Urra

Director of Facilities

Monika Perez

Chief Operating Officer

Charles Burke

Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie Thomas

Accounting Specialist

Ines Garcia

Accounting Assistant

Christina Diaz

Executive Assistant

Joel Garcia

Technology Director

Greg Deyo

IT Manager

Miles Harris

Ed Tech Coordinator

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New Port Richey Campus

Pepin Academies' New Port Richey campus serves over 300 students in grades 3-12.  Find information on family resources, a transition program, our athletics & arts programs, as well as various clubs for students with learning disabilities in New Port Richey by clicking the button below.

Riverview Campus

Pepin Academies' Riverview campus currently serves over 400 students in grades 3-12. Discover information on valuable family resources, a transition program, an athletics program, an arts program, and various clubs on our Riverview campus by clicking the button below.

Tampa Campus

Pepin Academies' Tampa campus, our first campus, currently serves 350 students in grades 3-12. Explore comprehensive family resources, a transition program, an athletics program, an arts program, and various clubs and extra-curricular for students with learning disabilities in Tampa.

Application Process

Pepin Academies admits students of any race, color, creed, or national origin. Students must have learning or learning-related disabilities; students with pervasive processing and language difficulties and with achievement scores significantly below the expected grade level are encouraged to apply.