What is an IEP? An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a must for your child to attend Pepin Academies. You, as their parent, may have fought long and hard to finally get one for your child.

Do you know what should be in your child’s IEP?

Outlined by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), the federal law governing special education, an IEP must contain, at minimum, the following 8 components.

  1. Your child’s current ability level – The IEP must have a description of what your child can do and how their disability affects their progress toward grade-level classroom success. It will also address areas of functional performance such as communication, social-behavioral skills, independent function, and health. This area will also document any assessment used to determine your child’s performance as well as anecdotal information from your child’s classroom teacher(s).
  2. Your child’s annual goals – The IEP must contain measurable goal expectations for your child to achieve within one year (because IEPs must be updated at least once a year.) These goals will be evaluated every year (or sooner if required.)
  3. How your child’s progress will be tracked – This section of the IEP will explain how progress toward your child’s goals will be determined. This could be done with regular assessments, progress reports, or through specific teacher feedback. However, it is determined the progress will be tracked, it must include information about how you, as the parent, will be kept informed about their progress and how frequently you will receive this information.
  4. Your child’s special education services – The section of the IEP must delineate the special education services and frequency of the services your child will be receiving.
  5. The duration of the services your child will be receiving – The IEP must include the beginning and end dates for any recommended services as well as the frequency of the services and where they will be delivered.
  6. Your child’s participation in mainstream classrooms – The section of the IEP documents the “least restrictive environment” for your child and how much time will be spent with non-disabled students. At Pepin Academies, 100% of our students are identified as Students with Disabilities (SWD) and considered an “exclusive” environment.
  7. Your child’s testing accommodations – The IEP must explain if and how your child will participate in state and local assessments. This section will also specify what types of assessment accommodations your child will require to test most successfully.
  8. Your child’s Transitional goals and services – At around your child’s 14th birthday, their IEP will begin to include a section that will discuss their plans post-high school. This section will focus on the instruction and support services that will be necessary to help your child move from school to college, tech school, or the world of work, and independent living.

Remember, the writing of your child’s IEP is a collaborative process that includes you and you must sign off on it before it can be implemented.

At Pepin Academies, we are a charter school for IEP special education students committed to unlocking the full potential of every student through individualized support, personalized instruction, and a nurturing learning environment. With your child’s IEP as our guide, we embark on a journey of growth, achievement, and success together.