About Pepin Academies

Tuition-free , Public Charter School for Students with Learning Disabilies in Tampa Bay

About Pepin Academies

Our Story, Mission & Vision

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Full-Time ESE Center Charter Schools in Tampa Bay

Pepin Academies are full-time ESE Center Charter Schools in the State of Florida that offer a standard diploma option to students with learning and learning-related disabilities in grades 3-12.

What is an ESE Center?

An ESE Center, short for Exceptional Student Education Center, is a specialized educational setting designed to meet the unique needs of students with exceptionalities. In an ESE Center, students receive individualized attention, evidence-based instruction, and therapeutic interventions to help them thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. These schools foster an inclusive and supportive environment, ensuring that every student’s potential is recognized.

The Pepin Academies Approach

Discover the difference at our ESE charter schools. At Pepin Academies, the approach is about the whole child. Pepin Academies are an example of how a well-designed educational program, dedicated and innovative teachers, committed parents and our civic and business communities can work together to provide for the individual needs and opportunity of a child, regardless of the special challenges they may face.

We offer a supportive atmosphere that focuses on improving academics and social achievement. For students who qualify, therapy is provided, at no cost, with access to social workers, mental health counselors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, sensory integration, and speech-language programs.

Individualized Instruction for Each Student

We provide differentiated instruction for each student and utilize continuous and authentic assessments. The curriculum is diversified and driven by the needs of the students. All students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and educational opportunities such as athletics, performing arts, clubs, and career and technical education. These are opportunities that they may not otherwise have in a traditional school setting.

Our mission is to empower students with learning disabilities to maximize their potential in a positive therapeutic educational environment.

Pepin Academies School Year Calendar

Pepin Academies follows a modified calendar starting school in late July. Students have the same number of school days but have a shorter summer break with more frequent breaks throughout the school year.

Cognia Accreditation

Pepin Academies is a Cognia-accredited educational institution. Accreditation through Cognia indicates that Pepin Academies has met rigorous, research-based standards of educational excellence to ensure the educational program offered meets the needs of learners through proficiency in four key characteristics.

  • Culture of Learning: the institution’s focus on the challenges, joys, and opportunities for learning, and the coherence with its mission and vision.
  • Leadership for Learning: the responsibility of an institution’s leaders to influence and impact all aspects of the institution in positive ways.
  • Engagement of Learning: the inclusion of all learners in the learning process, and their development of confidence and love of learning.
  • Growth in Learning: the growth of learners in the programs and curricula provided by the institution and their readiness to successfully transition to the next levels of learning.
  • System of Distinction: In 2023, out of over 1000 candidates across the globe, Cognia has named Pepin Academies a System of Distinction. This award recognizes schools or systems that effectively implement high-quality instruction, show consistent organizational effectiveness, and maintain a commitment to continuous improvement.

Why Parents Choose Pepin

Frequently Asked Questions

What grades does Pepin Academies serve?

3rd-12th grade with a transition program for students up to 22 years of age who defer receipt of their diploma.

Why does Pepin Academies start school in July?
Pepin Academies follows a modified calendar to help reduce retention loss over the summer. Students have the same amount of total school days as the school district but have more breaks throughout the year and a shorter summer.
How much is tuition?
Pepin Academies is a non-profit public charter school. There is no tuition.
Do you participate in the Florida K-12 scholarship programs?
There is no tuition, so a scholarship is not needed.
Does Pepin Academies provide transportation?
No, Pepin Academies is not able to provide transportation. However, there may be resources available to assist families with transportation needs.
Do students have to wear a uniform?
Yes, Pepin Academies students are required to wear a uniform.
Where can I purchase uniforms?

All uniforms must be purchased from Risse Brothers School Uniforms at one of their local stores or online at https://www.rissebrothers.com/shop.cfm

What are the school hours?
Instructional hours are 8:30-3:15
Where can I find the school's grevience policy?

Pepin Academies grievance policy can be found here:

two students working together in classroom


New Port Richey Campus

Pepin Academies' New Port Richey campus serves over 300 students in grades 3-12.  Find information on family resources, a transition program, our athletics & arts programs, as well as various clubs for students with learning disabilities in New Port Richey by clicking the button below.

Riverview Campus

Pepin Academies' Riverview campus currently serves over 400 students in grades 3-12. Discover information on valuable family resources, a transition program, an athletics program, an arts program, and various clubs on our Riverview campus by clicking the button below.

Tampa Campus

Pepin Academies' Tampa campus, our first campus, currently serves 350 students in grades 3-12. Explore comprehensive family resources, a transition program, an athletics program, an arts program, and various clubs and extra-curricular for students with learning disabilities in Tampa.

Application Process

Pepin Academies admits students of any race, color, creed, or national origin. Students must have learning or learning-related disabilities; students with pervasive processing and language difficulties and with achievement scores significantly below the expected grade level are encouraged to apply.